dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

a bunch of letters

i send some letters out yesterday , i didn`t wrote them in 1 day hahahaa , no they were from a week , i couldn`t mail them because i needed new stamps and i have a little flu so i stayed in my house for 2 day`s , didn`t had the mood to walk to the mailbox hahaha
i hope to get some letters this week , because i didn`t get manny the last 2 weeks , i think they forgot me :(
and i also stopped with some penpals , because we didn`t had a click or they wrote back after 6 months , im a regular writer , so i want to write letters with my penpals once a month or in 6 weeks time , i even have penpals who write`s back after 2 weeks , love that :) .
did you stopped with some penpals and how did you do that ?
well have to go to my work now
see you all
greetings Roos

maandag 24 oktober 2011

my blog about letter writting

I`m starting this blog after months of thinking to start one , because i love to write letters and want to show you all what kind of letters i get and put on the mail .
i just search on the web if there are other letter writting blogs and im glad that there are some who also share the same hobby and love for writting letters .
so hopefully you enjoy my blog and leave a message behind for me .
greetings Roos